Saturday, Oct. 1 2022 – The Makrokosmos 50 Project at the Resonance Collective’s Golden Thread Concert Series!

Join me for another Los Angeles performance of the Makrokosmos 50 Project! On Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 I will perform the program on the Resonance Collective’s Golden Thread Concert Series.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the composition of George Crumb’s Makrokosmos, Volume I, I have commissioned twelve composers – Vera Ivanova, Fernanda Aoki Navarro, Gernot Wolfgang, Eric Guinivan, Alexander Elliott Miller, Viet Cuong, Julie Herndon, Gilda Lyons, Timothy Peterson, Juhi Bansal, Thomas Osborne, and myself – each to write a response to one movement of the original, to create a whole new celestial cycle inspired by Crumb’s monumental work.

Location: First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, 90020

Time: 7:00pm


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